Daaman Porcelain Jewelry

We currently live in the Ozark mountains of northwest  Arkansas where we create our jewelry .  We consider ourselves  artists first and jewelers second and feel that what we create is truly a "wearable work of art"

Our design technique uses the ancient Japanese technique called nerikomi .  We begin by making our own porcelain and adding commercial stains to create our colors.  These colors are then combined, shaped, sliced and layered to form a log seen on the right.  Each piece of jewelry is sliced from the log and then shaped and kiln fired to 2200 degrees F.  A gold edging is applied and each piece is fired a final time to 1300 degrees F. 

We create many new designs every year and are only limited by our imaginations! At present this site offers only a sampling of our product line. 

For more information or to place an order we will send you our color sheet along with price information.  We accept credit cards and 30 day net on approved credit and have a $150 minimum order on new accounts.  We have a very quick turnaround on most orders and you can exchange items that may not work in you store.